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Friday, January 8, 2010

Whats this feeling?

Life feels super good right now.
i'm far away from the home i love.
my coolest friends are over 400 miles away from me.
i have almost no money.
i have no job.
i am at a creative standstill.
i am out of shape.
i broke my keyboard by spilling chocolate milk all over it.
i can't play the guitar at my side.
my hair is falling out.
i have homework to do.
i've lost the connection with the girl i fell in love with,
what we once had has died,
and i don't know if i could've done anything to stop it from happening.
attempts to make connections with other women have been in vain.

but i feel confidant, i have hope, i have music, and i feel really good.
i'm just not entirely sure why.
i'm not sure what i'm hoping for either.

has the line between how i should feel and how i want to feel
been so blurred i can't tell the difference anymore?

what is going on with this fantastic mood.
everything is just glorious right now.

Michael Castellanos?

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