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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reflections of 2009

Ladies and people, 2009 has come and gone.
lets all see what it has to show for itself after the jump!

JANUARY - A decent month, much time spent with friends, made 2009 look promising.
Images of the Month:

FEBRUARY: Toured my future college for the first time this month, i enjoyed it that time. Valentines day came and passed without skipping a beat or making a dent once again. My all-around feeling of the universe is improving. I'm quite happy.
Images of the Month:

MARCH: The world has become a place of copious amount of awesome, for the first time in a long time, i'm enjoying every minute of my existence. Senior trip was a complete success, nothing went wrong, everything was superior amounts of good times. I sold my drum set to a nice guy, and bought my new Jupiter, my love of my life. i really liked March. It was as close to perfect as you're ever gonna get.
Images of the Month:

APRIL: The month to out-strange any month you'll throw at me. I turned eighteen. I dressed nice for a date. I celebrated. I had a wild dream come true.
I had a strange nightmare begin.
Images of the Month:

MAY: An average month of happiness and uncertainty. The winding down of High School.
Images of the Month:

JUNE: Graduation, Celebration, Camping, Mediocrity, Decency.
Images of the Month:

Comic Con, Hiking, Summer, Fermentation.

AUGUST: End of Summer, Mt. Sac.
Images of the Month:

SEPTEMBER: College: Take 2, Devastation, Redemption? i can't tell if this was a good month, or if i was just kidding myself.
Images of the Month:

OCTOBER: Things are looking good, getting used to PUC despite previous abandonment in September, Halloween in San Francisco was fun, October was quite well.
Images of the Month:

NOVEMBER: Depression makes himself at home in my soul again. Hope has died. Creativity surprisingly does not suffer. I make new friends, and experience new things because of it. Not too great a month, in fact, a very shitty month.
Images of the Month:

DECEMBER: As the year begins to wind down, i come to terms with my life, i accept the shit i've been dealt, and i am beginning to feel better about myself. i am learning to enjoy my life regardless of how much i hate it. i've connected with friends better this month. i'm finding people to talk to about my life. christmas was fun, new years was fun. i partied too hard, my brain cells can vouch for that. i spent a lot of time with my friends, and i savored every minute of it. still quite depressed, but it was still a good month for new beginnings, hope has returned, for nothing in particular, its just there.
Images of the Month:

well, a new year has begun.
my new years resolution: adventure as frequent as possible and say yes to almost every opportunity or favor that arises. they coincide well.

i'm back at PUC, i still don't like it here, but i'm beginning to not like it less. internet is faster, i have two monitors, i'm dual booting PC and Mac, and i'm always looking for an adventure.

thanks for reading,
happy new year,

Michael Castellanos!

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