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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Neglect (i'm sorry blog!)

well i suppose i haven't been here in a while.
lots of strange new things happening.
sometimes great, sometimes awful.

i haven't been posting much here since i have been currently "writing" a journal.
once the year? semester? quarter? is over, i will publish this journal for free tickets for entry into my brain.

- Need to film movie
- Yesterday's News is constantly changing plot
- Vita is untouched
- New short 'BLOCK' is currently being written
- San Francisco is EXPENSIVE and is draining my wallet
- Relationships with "tha' ladies": poor, as usual tradition
- Currently trying to change Relationship status: (see above update)
- Still trying to grow a beard
- Doodle-Book has turned into a quasi-journal, possible zine soon?
- Learned the difference between Quasi and Pseudo.
- May write and publish life stories as script/zine/short story since the subject has yet to come up in any conversations with anyone.
- Is keeping a .txt file of quotes people around me have said, just for movie additions.
- Bought an XBOX 360, modded it, found out MANY modded consoles are currently being caught and banned. i fear for my 360.
- Have been watching many old movies.
- I have MANY movies on my list of movies to watch, its actually stressing me out.
- Totally missing home and disliking it here.
- I'm kind of in a band now? (Classic Surf Rock Band?)
- I'm desperate for money and companionship but I refuse to merge the two in fear of what i may become.
- Suddenly getting in touch with old acquaintances, or getting to know people more than i used to know about them.
And i'm finding it strange.

i suppose that's all that's new.
please keep reading for further update.
feel free to comment, i'd like to hear reactions to my finger thoughts.

please consider me for the position,
i'm really a qualified guy,
and yeah, this is me applying for the job nonchalantly!

Michael Castellanos!