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Friday, February 26, 2010

Madison Johnson, You Tranny Bitch

God damn this wretched place.
Suspension, police, rats, narcs, and now,
fake facebook accounts used to trap students.
but instead of re-writing the whole story, I'll just link to this post here.
Needless to say this has created quite a stir in the community.
Many people were confused, then outraged, then mildly amused.
In addition to facebook image tagging Ms. Johnson in suggestive pictures,
publicly bashing 'her' on her facebook,
Edgar Van Aces and I have created this little piece of fun.
Jump for it..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Walk Like a Zombie [UPDATE]

Egyptians can SUCK IT!
(Except Egyptian mummies, because technically those are zombies also, only magic-ier)

Well, as I posted earlier i was suspended.
I spent that weekend having a great time.
Such as going to Gallery Nucleus's Valentines Zombie Walk!
Here's an image of myself zombified, i got in free becausely.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Days In Hell + New Movie!

So yeah, to add on my last post.
The Axe has fallen.
Long story short, myself, and many others, have been suspended from PUC for three days.
Our sentence begins tomorrow, and afterward, we are on probation for the rest of the year.
not too bad, but still, a pain in the ass.
They made us call our parents, that was a horrible ordeal,
my mom is pleasant, my father kinda scares the crap outta me.

Also, I'd like to tell of of these past few hilarious days in hell.

Tuesday Night (Wednesday Morning) -
1:00 am, i am called from my homework to the deans room.
my phone is confiscated, i am left waiting in the deans room for an interview.
4:00 am, finally i get called in to talk of this whole ordeal.
i don't get any homework done, Wednesday wasted.
Thursday -
was actually really awesome, spent day with Haruka in San Fransisco, and went to see Polysics, good day.
Friday -
So tired from thursday, i missed class, in which i had a lot to turn in.
went to go get wings with friends in napa, got food poisoning,
had to go to bathroom really badly, so i drove fast before Safeway closed,
but got pulled over by a cop. no ticket though!
but that asshole kept me waiting! i barely made it to safeway!!!
Saturday -

Drove all the way to Santa Rosa, spent $30 in gas in which no one will ever reimburse me for,
to go ice skating, but they were out of my skate size.
Went to go eat at Denny's, had to use bathroom, managed to get
Sunday -
Spent all day nervous for meeting with judicial committee on Monday.
Monday -
Meeting with judicial, got the verdict, guilty, suspension.

Monday's not all that bad!
Finished the New Movie!
Hit the Jump for the big premiere!