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Thursday, December 24, 2009

More Neglect

hello there!
i feel i'm neglecting this thing way too often.
but i guess i just don't have much going on my life to talk about.
Merry Christmas Eve!

Life Updates:
- i lost my backpack, all my photo negatives were in there. ...and my journal..
- looks like quarter one journal won't be published anytime soon, sorry.
- as mexicans, we're gonna open presents in about three hours! i'm fairly excited!
- new film Block is finished!!!
watch is here!
and Donate to Cinemapod Pictures!
- planned and executed my first crazyass party, i don't remember much of it, success.
- christmas shopping was less than extravagant. got videogames for my brothers, still need to paint a helmet for a friend, and buy stuff from a folk music store for another. i'm deciding on whether or not to make something for another friend, but after the shit i've been through, i might decide against getting her anything. but i still want to, just because i have a cool idea for a gift. might get stuff for other people as well, just don't have the time or money, maybe later, ya know, late christmas presents. hahaha

well thats all for now.
stay tuned for my next post: Reflections of 2009.

Pleasant Holidays to You All,

Michael Castellanos!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eleven Down, One To Go.

okay, so i'm rarely posting up on this bloggy asshole.
mostly because i don't really have much to write about that isn't about self-loathing and me being a sad sack. (which is neither fun to read or write, so i'm trying to do both of us a favor.)
i haven't been writing much in the ol' journal for similar reasons.
i went back home for a week for thanksgiving. it rocked pretty fucking hard. being away from this shit hole for a week was fantastic and just what i needed. as you can probably tell, what slim hopes i had of liking it here in Angwin were slowly, surely, and brutally extinguished. so in short: puc is slowly killing my soul and depression is seeping through my once pleasant exterior once again, great.

but regardless of how i feel i'm going to pin this little phase on the fact i'm still a teenager, and teenagers are stupid.

in business news,
i haven't touched Yesterday's News, Vita, or another untitled project i'm working on. i did, in fact finish filming the short Block, i am currently editing it, and will be finishing it by the end of the week. Here is a raw still from Block:

i'm hoping it will turn out alright in the end, we lost too much daylight on the last available day to film and had to improvise like crazy. it was a lot of fun working behind a camera on a no boundary story once again. but now that i'm procrastinating on my dying computer in this dorm room i call an Editing Bay, i find myself full of mixed feelings. Editing is a bitch.

i've decided on not giving up,
but i haven't decided on what exactly i'm not giving up on.
quite the conundrum.

Michael Castellanos!