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Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Blogs!

As of yesterday, i've founded two new blogs:
Do It Yourself For Fucks Sake (DIY Fucker)
a blog solely dedicated to DIY projects
(i've yet to add more than a welcome post, be patient!)
and my favorite
Cinema Thought Vomit
my blog with myself and multiple co-writers dedicated to ideas we all have for movies or short fun things we can film.

keep an eye out for those two!

on a personal note:
i'm still feeling really great.
life is quite groovy, albeit still tough.
i'm beginning to be worried it might be a brain problem.
i am losing track of memory, my perception of things has been quite 'off' lately.
keep me and my precious gray matter in your thoughts.

you are quite the friend,
regardless of your shit,

Michael Castellanos!

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