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Friday, January 29, 2010

Fall of the Hammer

Sometime late in my first quarter here at PUC, i attended a gathering.
This gather consisted of teenagers and alcohol.
As a semi-responsible person,
my actions at this party should not be as so incriminating as they are currently.
This Monday, February 1st, at 10:45, i will be called into a hearing to discuss my fate.
I'm just waiting for the axe to fall.
In the meantime, i decided to make the most of this bad situation and have a good time.
Went back to San Fransisco last night explored a bit, and saw Polysics live!
a super kickass time back in the city i love!!

well, lets all hope for the best in my current situation.
it looks bleak, regardless of the fact i did not partake that evening.

i'll post again once my fate is decided upon by a selection of mortals.

thanks for striving for a stasis,
it really kept things from being weird,

Michael Castellanos!

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