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Thursday, August 27, 2009

College Student?

as most people do, after graduating high school, i am currently attending college.
unfortunately, being a community college, a very popular and populous one, i had a very hard time getting any classes.
i am enrolled in only three classes. one of which begins in October.
i have already attended one of these classes and am pleased; although i was an hour late both times to the same class... be that as it may, i still have way too much free time, and with most of my friends off to college in far away places, i have the worst kind of free time.
i need a job.
if anyone knows anywhere that's hiring (no fast food, no teenage jobs, something normal.) please do tell me. i need gas moneys!

with that said, on to other areas of my life.
after having my bike stolen about a year ago, i recently purchased a new one on craigslist! and a fine bike it is! so if anyone's up to some light biking, call me up and bring me along!

can't really say much else, i don't have anything else goin' on right now.
well, i guess i do. but that's personal stuff, this ain't no journal, its a blog.

my fucking bike!
my bike!
who thinks i should paint it and/or give it a classy name?

UPDATE: (Friday, August 28th)
strangely enough, in regard to what i said earlier about my bike being stolen,
today a couple people i know (Jared and Ryan) found my stolen bike parked next to a gas station near where i used to go to school.
we confronted the guy, we argued for a bit, we needed translating, and long story short, i got my old bike back.
even though it had been stripped of handlebar pads, and kick stand, it did however get a new seat.
fuck yeah.

my luck is a strange mistress,
one minute its punching me in the face like a freight train,
other times its like making out with the most beautiful angel in the middle of the day,
but times like this its like...
well its like getting a stolen bike back right after buying a "new" one.
i need a name for my luck, just so i can yell at it when it strikes again.

who wants to help name my luck and my two bikes?

its so fucking hot right now,

Michael Castellanos!

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