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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Life So Far (AKA: Another Shot At Blogging)

I can't really say much at this point, yet at the same time, i feel i have to a lot to state to whomever decides to read.
I've tried blogging before, but to not much success and/or satisfaction. Perhaps i'll give it another shot. I'm not quite sure how to even start thing. I Guess I'll start off by introducing myself.

- My name is Michael Castellanos.
- I am about to start college at Mt. SAC. But due to overpopulation, i could not get any good classes.
- I've always wanted to start a webcomic, maybe my posts will include comics from time to time.
- My life so far has been a strange mix of joy hatred love and dissatisfaction. But I'll just chalk that up to the fact I'm a teenager, it just seems to explain everything so nicely.
- I am open to meeting new people, but i am hesitant to actually going out and meeting new people, don't let that keep you from trying to get to know me. I'll tell you my life's story if you ask nicely enough.
- I am trying very hard to be a filmmaker, but i am mostly all talk; i can come up with a great idea, but i have no initiative. But i am currently working on a new movie, of which i'll keep you updated on.
- And as you can see above i also know how to use semi-colons!

Well'p, there's my attempt at trying to introduce myself to you all.
Chances are you'll get to know me more and more if you keep reading.

Thanks For Staying Interested!

Michael Castellanos!

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