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Monday, August 17, 2009


Last Friday, I planned to make movie day.
and i must say it went quite well. I saw almost four movies with a couple friends.

first up, It Might Get Loud. A film which documents the gathering of four fantastic and legendary guitarists, Jimmy Paige, Jack White, and The Edge, as they go forth and discuss guitar, and rock rock in general, the film begins to tell the tale of their guitar history, all the way back to thier first guitar. its a wonderful film and a must see for fans of U2, The White Stripes, or Led Zeppelin, or tasteful rock music in general.

the next movie we saw was Cold Souls. Starring Paul Giamatti as Paul Giamatti, whom is tired of life and decides to extract his soul that is burdening him down, only to have it lost when he wants it back. a rather strange film, it does have its moments of thought and hilarity. does anyone else remember the Simpsons episode where Bart sells his soul to Millhouse? its like that episode, only a movie, starring Paul Giamatti and Russians.

and now my favorite movie of those seen, District 9. i cannot really describe this film in words. every time i try to explain it to someone i say too much. so in short, watch it, its fantastic and glorious.

the last movie i tried to watch was Hard Candy, but it got too late and i had to depart towards the beginning of the film. how disappointing.

on another note, i am currently working on a movie myself.
the title is still pending, though i am quite fond of its tentative title, Vita.
its a film of disappointment, depression, death, and life afterward.
its still a bit tough to fully describe the film, but here's a screen shot of the first scene in which my character's girlfriend breaks up with him.

it's not much so far, but its a start. it should be on DVD by the beginning of 2010.

stay classy,

Michael Castellanos!

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