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Monday, September 20, 2010

Round Two: FIGHT!

Tonight ended my last night of Summer 2010.

I've arrived back onto the Hill Friday night, spent Saturday in San Francisco with a couple good friends of mine,
and spent today hiking (and picking BLACKBERRIES!) in the fog with more good friends,
and more hanging out with friends, games, a movie, rock and roll, and et cetera.
It was a pleasant -if not fantastic- way to end my summer.

Year Two awaits me with a certain sense of anxiety, apprehension, excitement, fear, and confusion.
But it's nice to know I have friends to rely on this year. Even the ones who weren't last year.
(you know who you are, and yes you're just that awesome of a friend, help me not let us fuck it up again! i used to like having you as a reliable friend.)
I'm looking forward to it.
Which is weird.
I don't like not liking this place.
I know deep in my brain goo I need to move on to a better school, or something at least.
I have no idea, but I hope whatever decision I make from here on out,
is the closest decision to the right one.
Regardless of the many wrong ones I know I'll make but enjoy. hahaha

Well, I have class at 10am tomorrow.
Time to hit the showers,
then hit the sack.

Goodnight readers,
Wish me luck.
Michael Castellanos!

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