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Monday, September 27, 2010

</ Week One>

Ten days ago,
I drove eight hours north, back to Angwin.

Ten days later,
I write to you, my dear readers.

This was Week One.

Being back on the Hill is some crazy shit.
Old friends reunited, many friends missing, and new friends found (okay maybe just one).
But nevertheless its been great.
My classes are crazy though. Take a look at my schedule.
So that's what I have in store for me in Quarter One.
But so far so good.

I can't really think of anything to say here.
My life has not really been moving forward, yet, it has.

A really good friend of mine just recently had been broken up with.
So I've been trying to help her out and it's totally weird.
I feel as though I'm looking at my past self.
Was I this bad during my breakup?
I'm just telling her what not to do, so she doesn't end up as fucked up as me.
Its just so weird. Everything shes going through is so like myself its driving me crazy.
I know how she feels and it kills me to tell her to not hold onto hope.
To give up on everything you thought was right.
(Albeit her relationship lasted a few months, and mine was a infatuation span of several years.)
But its painful nontheless. Heartbreak isn't something to take lightly,
but sometimes the only thing you can say is,
"Sorry pal, shit happens, you don't get what you want, and you probably never will, or at least not anytime soon."
I dunno, I wish the best for her.
I suppose that's the most I can do I guess.

On that topic,
I went to speed dating last night.
I'm terrible at this.
I myself am interested in a certain pretty lady
In fact a couple, (neither of them met at speed dating, mind you!)
but I swear, I've only ever talked to the other girl in person like, ten times or so.
But either way, both are way out of my league.
One is totally different from me but for some reason I find her fantastic and we get along nicely.
The other seems like just absolute fun to be around,
thing is I never see her around,
and pretty much every other guy she comes in contact with is like,
a jillion times more charming than your's truely.
Personally I have a snowball's chance in hell here,
But perhaps this is just my self worth talking.
Seeing as how my last relationship drove my self worth into shit.
Seriously, I have the lowest self worth and self esteem right now, its crazy.
What am I supposed to do with that?
(some confidence-boosting comments would be nice! :D)
Nevertheless, it's nice to find interest in other people .
something about that just makes me feel...
Well, not hung up on other things that will never happen no matter how hard I try..

But either way, week one has been great so far.
It really is a strange feeling being here and not hating it completely.
Its a huge change from last year.

I want to recap on some things I have been doing,
but i think i'll just mention out the key points via imagery.

I Semi-Adopted a kitty we found in the Cafeteria!
And jammed in an open field!

We ended the week with a party in my room (327)
Featuring great music, drinks of all kinds, and burgers of one kind!
It was delicious, it was loud, it smelled kinda funky.

-Note To Readers-
I plan to attempt to make more frequent and time-relevant posts this quarter as well.
probably more posts, most likely smaller posts about single topics.
ya know, to keep things more....

Michael Castellanos!

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