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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Return of

Ladies and people. It certainly has been a while.

I have been keeping myself busy entertaining myself these past couple months.
I apologize for the dry spell in news. I've just been having such a damn good time.
While much happened this past summer, I feel as though that while it was a vacation from school,
it was also a well needed vacation from life.
Which strangely enough, this summer has impacted my life the strongest.
But I digress, because these past couple months have been vacation,
I feel that the need to recap on it to be... unnecessary.

The stories gained from this summer will be retold, just not all at once, or anytime soon.
I'll keep them as those untold stories to tell later in an interesting conversation or something.
It'd be nice to have some new stories to tell that people haven't already heard.

As much as I would like to recap my summer tales,
it would just be too massive of a post.
There are a crapload of people I'd like to thank for the success of this summer,
but for some reason it seems wrong to just list people.
Well, if you previously mentioned plenty are out there reading this,
you know who you are.
Thanks a bunch.

And as for getting my shit together?
This summer has yielded fantastic results in the gathering of that shit of mine,
but nevertheless, Year Two awaits.
It is going to be another weird --if not weirder-- year.

Count on it, dear readers.
Michael Castellanos!

PS: i will mention that i have been working on a new film.
read about it on my other blog here!

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