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Monday, April 19, 2010

I Died a Little Today..

Find out what in my life is killing me after the jump.

I ate this monstrosity.
The KFC Double Down.
Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken
no bread.
awful, awesome.

No Regrets
Never Again

God knows how many years this has removed from my life span.

I volunteered to be a part of the St. Helena Family Film Festival.
And today was day one of an interesting decision.
What my job basically is, is to help mentor and assist kids from age 7-20 in the art of filmmaking.
Kids from all over town sign up for this program, send in their name, age, and script their working on,
and they show up to this program and they (me and a couple other people) help make their movie,
and after all is filmed and edited, they premiere their finished movie at a local theater!
How awesome is that?! I'm really excited for these kids.
full of ambition, following their dreams.
i wish i had a program like this available to me when i was younger...
i used to get really excited whenever my big brothers would help me on projects.
i hope these kids feel the same way.
It feels great though, great experience. (so far)
Only drawback is that some of these kids are pretty ambitious.
like, really freaking ambitious. almost annoyingly... well it was annoying.
And I don't want to be the bad guy and say, "I'm sorry kid, we don't have re resources to film your idea."
It would just break my heart to disappoint these kids.
But nonetheless, I'm really excited for these kids.
They're really excited about film. that's a great sight to see.

Moving on though, today was a good day.
Mostly because of the above stated.
Got some Jamba Juice half off today with some friends.
Bought a Double Down (good? bad? its a tossup.)
Watched some friends play basketball.
Hung out with roommate and neighbor and talked about highschool.
Strangely good day.
Gave me a lot of thinking to do.
Not sure what I'm doing here.
I hate thinking about highschool.
I hate thinking about college.

I should probably stop thinking for a while.
I have a lot of work to do.

stay tuned,
Michael Castellanos!

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Andrés said...

typographical error!

"I'm sorry kid, we don't have re resources to film your idea."
and I believe its spelt toss-up, not tossup.

and if you dont like it, SCREW YOU!
..that will be all.

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