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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chapter Nineteen

It's weird, really.
I've been on this god forsaken planet for nineteen years.

I ended my eighteenth year with a bang.
(<- as seen to your left.)

I promised myself to make this the year I get my shit together.
Lets see how that's going.

Birthday weekend.
Best weekend ever.
For my birthday present, my parents paid for a gas, food, and a hotel, for a weekend in San Francisco.
needless to say i had a supremely wonderful time.
I arrived Friday mid-day, and made my usual first stop at vista point.
unfourtunately the forest up top was closed off AND it was a foggy day too!
so i really missed out on that, very disappointing. BUT, it was still very nice.
checked in around 5. (hes a picture of me after checking in)

and after checking in, walked to the bus stop nearby and rode it down to lower Haight Street.
hung out there for about, all freaking day. wandering.
I went to Recycled Records and found Talking Head's Speaking In Tongues for $3!!
i bought it!
but then later on i opened the sleeve and to my surprise:
But all was not lost! Inside was my second favorite Beatles album: Sgt. Peppers!!!
Tried to walk to the Yellow Submarine to get myself a sub, but it was closed.
pretty much all friday was walking. so much walking.
Around midnight I got out of my room to talk a walk.
I passed by Super 7 and strangely enough heard someone say, "Hey! its Michael!"
it was a girl from my school! i never really talked to her, so it was a little weird,
but cool nonetheless. she was in line to see some artist, and so i left and was on my way.
i managed to walk all the way up to Fisherman's Warf (a pretty damn LONG walk)
and took the bus back. While walking back, I passed Super 7 again, she was barely leaving.
Went back to room, and went to sleep. well, at least i tried to.
I woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. Nightmares.
i don't even remember what the nightmare was, but it was caused by something totally weird.
The neighbors next door were still having really loud sex, and it gave me nightmares... hahaha
i decided to seek out San Francisco's hidden POPOS!
(Privately Owned Public Open Spaces)
Unfortunately they were all closed off, or just closed that day.

a total disappointment.
so instead i went back to Haight, and hung out there all day again, wandering.
Sleeping in a tree, talking to the homeless, checking out record stores, buying presents.
But the main event was Saturday night!
Rocky Horror Picture Show at Midnight!
best night ever!
it was my first time watching that movie, and the show!
so the dancing and people all dressed up (down?) were an amazing sight.
so i danced with a bunch of ladies who invited me to dance with them, and it was a lot of fun.
upon retrospect i should have invited them to my room...
damn. oh well.
checked out, walked around a bit, and then my Editing Class showed up.
and we watched a bunch of movies at the Sundance Cinemas
it was pretty awesome.

Well that was my weekend.
Monday I was thrown into the fountain.
here's the picture album below.!/album.php?id=834799151&aid=228903

Well, I'm 19 now.
How's process going on getting my shit together?
well, its still a work in progress.
Things are still weird, but we'll see how it goes...
5.5 More weeks left.
I'm almost done.
head explosions.
who wants to be in my latest film?

Michael Castellanos!

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