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Monday, March 29, 2010


Hello readers, It's been a while.

Well what can I say has happened this month...
well, a lot of weird shit.
I don't even know how to put it in words.
its been pretty weird.

I have hopelash,
Hopelash is when you get you're hopes up high quickly,
only to have them smashed even quicker.
And people wonder why i am sometimes pessimistic...
but perhaps that's a story for later.

Went to San Francisco again.
as you can see above.
It was pretty groovy. Nothing went wrong and I only lost my patience once.
i need to stop going though. this city is just too damn expensive.

I am also pondering the idea of breaking up a friendship.
everyone has heard of breakups, that's just part of life.
but is it alright to just tell someone, "hey, i don't think this friendship is working out,
i've put effort into it, but all we do is argue and treat each other like shit."
is that a breakup? or is it more like firing someone?
"hey, you've been my friend and sometimes more for the past so many years,
but you haven't shown up to work in the past long-ass while. You're Fired."
its not like their services are no longer needed. I really want their services more than anyone else's.
But they've seemed to quit or just rarely show up to work and only work for a little while.
and i'm still paying them.
when they do show up for work, what little work they do is top notch and greatly appreciated.
should i fire them? i really would like their services, but i'm being bled dry here.
maybe i can demote them.
is there an undiscovered grey area between acquaintance and friend?

for the past three days i've been texting back and forth to someone who has kept their name a mystery.
they've just been asking my questions about myself, personal and not.
its been nice. the person let my ask questions back to try to find out who it is.
i think i know who it is now, but i'm not sure. but it doesn't matter who it is, its been nice taking to her.
shes been a well needed self esteem boost these past couple days.
so to mystery texter, if you are reading this, thanks for keeping me company!

spring break was this month.
spent most of it with friends.
exploring sewers, hiking, pokemon, charades, wasting a LOT of gas,
and dealing with a lot of bullshit.
but i'll skip elaborating on that,
except for mentioning the fact i had traffic school to go to. that sucked.
but overall spring break was a success.

pacific union college is a bitch. i really hope i get into art center.
if not, i think i'm just going to go back to community college.
i either need to get out of here, or something drastic has to happen.
what exactly though, i am not sure of.

trying to write a new movie.
its going to be a tough one.
the theme is Sex, and i want it to be a dramatic film.
i have a lot of ideas swarming around,
none of them have a solid ending though, just situations.
i should have already finished writing it...
i haven't even started...

well i guess thats me catching you readers up on my life,

any other questions?
Michael Castellanos!

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