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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Voice of God (is drunk)

well, September has been crazy as shit.
in less than five days i made the dumbass decision to move up to northern california and go to Pacific Union College, an Adventist College, i should've stayed with my job, wouldn't have made a difference. just thought quitting that job would yield better results, i was fucking wrong as usual! well, now it looks like i'm in it for the long haul! at least some people are happy to see me, everyone else who isn't can just go to hell. i'm just gonna make the most of it. things just keep getting weirder and weirder for me.

these are in fact, very true stories:
a week and a half before leaving, i was at the thrift store, and a girl about my age with long black hair walks up to me (yeah, she was pretty cute, but my standards are low, so fuck off) and asks me, "what makes you tick?" and i must say i am proud of myself for not freaking out, i totally said something witty: "i'm not sure, am i supposed to tick? i really think somethings broken in there. goddamn ticking all the time." it made her laugh, she walked closer, gave me a hug, and said "thanks." she walks off and i'm still in a daze, i ask her for her name but she said without turning back, "i have no idea!"
thrift store chicks are weird.

a couple days ago some guy was doing a religious speaking, talking about listening to the voice of god. about how god spoke to him to go into being a pastor or something by yelling at him while he was sitting in class, the whole disembodied voice deal. i didn't think much of it until yesterday. i was laying in my bunk by myself, just thinking about life. and i hear the voice right next to my face, not a booming greatness, but a calm but stern, "go party."
great, what the hell do i do with that? is god just telling me to chill out and party? isn't that bad advice for something who is just 're'starting college?

well ladies and gentlemen, life's a confusing bitch, always will be,
just gotta find the cool spot on the pillow and sleep our problems away.

speaking of cool spots,
why is it still so hot!?

thanks for everything i've done for you,
i no longer love you,
lets party the night away,

Michael Castellanos!

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