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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Very Important Month [UPDATE]

It's been almost a month since I've last checked in with you guys.
Here's a chronological recap of May:
- Cinco De Mayo
- Motor Mountain Biking
- Weird Conversations
- Hospital Trip
- Weekend of Weird
- Film Festival

Where do I begin?

Cinco De Mayo.
I went to a small hangout gathering. We hung out there for a while and had some fun.
We got to talking, and I was talking up a storm.
I may have said some things I should have not said.
and some people may have heard who should not be trusted with information.
I don't exactly remember what I said (it may have been said badly or goodly)
But this is my passive way of apologizing I guess. I'll probably apologize in person sometime,
but until then I'll apologize to the anonymous for stuff I might have said.
But other than that. It was a pretty great night. hahaha

Motor Mountain Biking.
How does one go about explaining such extreme-ness.
I biked around some pretty cool mountain biking trails.
and my bike isn't exactly built too well for mountain biking in the first place.
(as you can see here)
plus i have a motor strapped to it for an extra kick in the testicles.
(as you can also see in this image here)
So yeah, it was a good Saturday afternoon.
Went out back and took on some mountian bike trails with a motor bike.
Needless to say, it was ultimate scary fun.
Then as soon as that adventure was over i get a call on my phone: haruka wants to go biking.
So i went AGAIN! (except with significantly less motor this time, and new trails)
Had a super good time, and a long conversation about spirituality.
She is one of the few to only people i can talk to about religion, god, and spirituality
without trying to joke my way out of the conversation and onto a more casual topic.
So that was pretty cool, i thoroughly enjoyed that.

Weird Conversation.
I was online talking to an old friend of mine who typically asks for relationship advice.
weird, i know right? just look at my track record. hahaha but its mostly for a guy's opinion on things.
which itself it kinda weird too, i don't see myself as a typical guy.
anyhoo, she asks for some input on some stuff, i give her my input and try to ease her worries.
after a small laugh and such, she leaves me with this, well something along the lines of this:
"Michael, if it weren't for you, i would have ended this relationship a long time ago."
i look back on the history of their relationship and think to myself, "is that a good thing?"
am i doing this for her? or for him?
is this my way of giving him the second, third, fiftieth chance that i never got?
i'm not sure. but i do have the best intentions for my friend. i just hope i am actually helping.

Hospital + The Weekend of Weird.
Personally, the weekend for me begins on Thursday nights.
one Thursday night in particular was the begining of a weekend to never forget, and never remember.
the guys and i were just hanging out in my room, playing videogames, listening to music, watching tv.
we start to mess around and duct tape a friend of mine.
while originally thinking this would be the highest point of the night, we wind down and people leave.
My roommate, my neighbor, and i were all that was left, so we decided to watch some Dexter.
after a few minutes in, my neighbor gets up and says his back hurts.
a few minutes later his back begins to hurt so much he feels sick and vomits.
moments later he is in my room in severe pain, laying on my roommate's bed,
while i'm trying to diagnose his pain via google. personally, i thought it was kidney stones
about a minute later he is yelling in pain and i am out the door to my car. we have to get him to a hospital.
i get my car and run back up to my room to get him.
he is on my floor with my roommate and the RA, and he is screaming in sheer pain.
i have never seen a man scream like that before.
after a while of people showing up trying to help, an ambulance and paramedics arrive.
for about twenty minutes they badger him with a crapload of irrelevant questions.
after all of that they head off the the hospital. me and my roommate soon after.
by now he is feeling fine
with all the drugs pumped into his body.
Turns out i was right, kidney stones,
a crap load of them. (stay away from ice tea)
So long story short,
we spend from 4:30am to 11am in the hospital
keeping him company.
we're such good neighbors.

anyway, that was Thursday night.

Friday night was an entirely different story.
a night i don't care to recall on my blog, so I'll just show a picture.

It was a night that left me saying,
"i need to seriously cut back."

for friends whom i know well,
perhaps you'll hear this story sometime.
maybe if you ask me nicely.

but to my anonymous readers... well, i don't know you guys well enough yet.
That was Friday.

Saturday I spent trying to fix Friday's aftermath.
In Oakland.
With a bunch of guys I don't know,
and they're all trying to sell me drugs.
My self-control is pretty decent, you readers mustn't worry. i'm clean.
And because of Friday night, i didn't care to get wild at all Saturday night.

Sunday was relatively tame...
until around midnight.
Sunday night we ended the weekend with Burger Night!
Best burgers i've EVER had. The homemade ones usually are.
thank god for George Foreman.

Film Festival.
I'm pretty excited.
I get to premiere Block at the Cameo Cinemas with the PUC Film Festival.
May 27th, 2010. Holy crap! thats THIS Thursday!
My own film on the big screen. This is going to be pretty cool.
Plus a Q/A afterwards! what do i say? am i prepared for weird questions??
Excitement levels off the charts!

Well i'm winding down this post with more talk about life.
I'm supposed to be getting my shit together. how is that going?
well, last weekend wouldn't exactly agree with me,
but i feel i'm slowly finding the pieces to myself again.
sometimes its still weird for myself to still be myself, but thats what time is for right?
and with that note i leave with this new weird fact:
i think i like it here now.
shit. after telling myself and everyone how excited i am to leave this place...
these people have grown on me.
i might have found an internship at Francis Ford Coppola's company.
i found a pretty gal here i'd like to ask out on a romantic evening sometime soon.
(but i feel i may really really not be her type)
i have many projects i still want to work on.
and a really good friend of mine is going to be joining me next year.
i think the deal is sealed. i will return for another year here at the school on the hill.
i really hope certain people are okay with that.

in the words of almost everyone from Arrested Development,
"i've made a huge mistake."

Michael Castellanos!

my movie didn't make it into the festival. =(
a little bummed, but two films i did cinematography work for made it in.
so i still got to go up for the Q and A. That was pretty awesome.
in addition to seeing a movie i worked on on the big screen. that was amazing.

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