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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Walk Like a Zombie [UPDATE]

Egyptians can SUCK IT!
(Except Egyptian mummies, because technically those are zombies also, only magic-ier)

Well, as I posted earlier i was suspended.
I spent that weekend having a great time.
Such as going to Gallery Nucleus's Valentines Zombie Walk!
Here's an image of myself zombified, i got in free becausely.

 On the topic of the undead, I am finally going ghost hunting!
Well kinda, just going to investigate the paranormal in Napa.
 I hear the areas near the Napa Hospital are crazy, due to it being San Fransisco's Metal Ward a hundred years ago,
so you know shit went down there.

Also, theres tale of a road, Partrick Road.
Where atop lies a cemetery, military facilities, and forest.
Long story short, Napa's Folklore-y's own, Rebobs, AKA evil flying monkeys.
True story, Google that shit.

Alas, I will not be venturing alone. I will have have my weapon of choice, Video Camera;
and I will also be bringing a rather pretty assistant to venture with me.
Even though it is going to be Valentines Day, and i will be in a spooky forest with a pretty lady,
i'm pretty sure its not a date.
After talking about how we both seriously hate valentines day, but i dunno, you be the judge.

Either way, nothing like grabbing a friend and going ghost hunting on the nations 3rd most romantic day of the year
(you know, behind christmas and new years).

i will be posting images and videos if anything crazy is documented.

Totally Stood Up.

Good luck with all your endeavors,
I'm always rooting for you no matter what,

Michael Castellanos!

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