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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eleven Down, One To Go.

okay, so i'm rarely posting up on this bloggy asshole.
mostly because i don't really have much to write about that isn't about self-loathing and me being a sad sack. (which is neither fun to read or write, so i'm trying to do both of us a favor.)
i haven't been writing much in the ol' journal for similar reasons.
i went back home for a week for thanksgiving. it rocked pretty fucking hard. being away from this shit hole for a week was fantastic and just what i needed. as you can probably tell, what slim hopes i had of liking it here in Angwin were slowly, surely, and brutally extinguished. so in short: puc is slowly killing my soul and depression is seeping through my once pleasant exterior once again, great.

but regardless of how i feel i'm going to pin this little phase on the fact i'm still a teenager, and teenagers are stupid.

in business news,
i haven't touched Yesterday's News, Vita, or another untitled project i'm working on. i did, in fact finish filming the short Block, i am currently editing it, and will be finishing it by the end of the week. Here is a raw still from Block:

i'm hoping it will turn out alright in the end, we lost too much daylight on the last available day to film and had to improvise like crazy. it was a lot of fun working behind a camera on a no boundary story once again. but now that i'm procrastinating on my dying computer in this dorm room i call an Editing Bay, i find myself full of mixed feelings. Editing is a bitch.

i've decided on not giving up,
but i haven't decided on what exactly i'm not giving up on.
quite the conundrum.

Michael Castellanos!

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