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Sunday, October 25, 2009

My City by the Bay

PUC's perks:
weather is nice,
classes are cool,
its proximity to San Francisco makes up for the fact its PUC.

Saturday, October 24, best day in a very long time.

Yellow Sub


Why Isn't Chris von Snidern Famous?
(Met New People)

Sorry, Thanks

[Not Pictured]
Met Even More New People

[Not Pictured]
Ran Frantically Through the Streets of San Francisco
(something that has been on my list of things to do before i die,
and we did it three times (insert smiley face).)

like fresh water after wandering through the desert for many years,
...just what i needed.

till we meet again,

Michael Castellanos!

Note To Self:
$4 toll road to get in,
Take more pictures,
Make a better map,
Pack Many MANY Quarters,
Ditch the car,
Learn the BART and MUNI,
Another $4 toll to get out,
have something to talk about on a long car ride.

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